Services & Expertise


Our services cover not only ad-hoc, full-service marketing research (from project design and development, up to reporting), but also the following research processes and specific types of research:


Research Processes:

  • Field Work services:
  • Qualitative; IDI, FGD, Ethnography
  • Quantitative: F2F by PAPI, F2F by CAPI
  • Data processing services: Data Punching, Data Tabulation
  • Data Analysis
  • Report Writing
  • Translation services
  • Transcription services


Specific Research or Data Collection Method:

  • Desk research


Expertise is offered in the areas of quantitative and qualitative research techniques for clients with interests in both the consumer and business sectors on a local, regional, and national basis. It is the policy of Myriad to provide clients with a close working relationship throughout all phases of a project, in order to maximize implementation and action ability of research endeavors.


The “hands-on” approach of Myriad from project development through analysis, coupled with a philosophy based upon quality, assures clients both timely and cost effective research services, resulting in actionable guidance and direction for strategic planning and marketing decision making.


Our clients include National Companies, Multinational Companies, Government Organizations and NGOs.