Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Snapshot of School Management Effectiveness (SSME)- Indonesia 2014


Funded by USAID, RTI International began a research project in 2014 to assess students across the 4 regions of Indonesia. The first cohort, covering Regions 1 and 2, met in Jakarta, Indonesia, for Jan. 22-31.The second group covered Regions 3 and 4 and met Feb.23 – March.14. All instruments were rendered in Tangerine with Nexus 7 tablets.



SSME: Snapshot of School Management and Effectiveness

Teacher Questionnaire!
Head Teacher Questionnaire! Student Questionnaire! Classroom Inventory!
School Inventory!
Classroom Observation!
Jakarta: 32 total assessors and supervisors!
Makassar: 48 total assessors and supervisors



EGRA:Early Grade Reading Assessment For 2nd Graders (Bahasa Indonesia)

Letter Names! Initial Sounds! Non-Words! Oral Reading!
Oral Reading Comprehension (2 passages for pilot)! Vocabulary!
NEW THIS EGRA: Look-backs!

Working with literacy specialist Margaret Dubeck,
Emily helped design and train the strategy of “look-backs”
In Reading Comprehensi onto help see if students are understanding the story they read if they initially get a question wrong. While
Training proved to be difficult, results in the data are indeed helpful.


Tangerine facilitated the large amount of tasks needing to be trained on in a short amount of time.To facilitate this,we removed the English portion of the instructions so that assessors could easily scroll to see things. Assessors were first trained on paper and the non Tangerine. IRR results were quite high, almost all in the 90th percentile, but look-backs and letter names posed a bit of a problem. The phrasing in dictation

also was a bit difficult to understand when something was corrector incorrect. With retraining, particularly on the letter names, the final IRR results were more than satisfactory. We ended up adding a “confirmation” button on Tangerine to remind assessors to give look backs if need be. Breaking the Tangerine sub tasks up into mini instruments also supported training efforts.

Our partner: Myriad Research and Bahasa Indonesia Translators

“Tangerine is very easy to install/uninstall, easy to use, and very easy to upload the data.”!
Muhammad Irfan, Technical Lead, Myriad

One of the most professional and efficient partners we’ve worked  with to date made in- country logistics and translation a breeze!!


Video played a key role in training, with EGRA getting great audio in practice assessments that assessors could then rescore in the future.!

Showcasing our “Indonesian Idol” highlighting the best techniques in Tangerine-usage also assisted in Training.!

We also piloted Google Glass,a heads-up computer display and video camera, to capture real- time,unobstrusive classroom observation data.!

We had zero tablet issues in the field and most of the time we tested the mobile routers, they had a signal. We did plan for contingencies (other SIMs and other models) and syncing. Each region has a technical lead on hand via mobile and SSM Sand to replace tablets if necessary  tablets.

Students performed well in initial school visits, which made for interesting trainingas we needed to also stimulate non-readers and struggling readers. The pilot begins Feb.23 where we will make final changes to the android package (.apk) and data collection begins March 10-April 20th.!

Please come to globalegra.tumblr.comtosee more photos from assessors