About Us

Myriad is a full-service marketing research organization focused on agricultural, education, healthcare/public health, manufacture, services, and social researches. We trace our beginnings as a pool of researchers who have similar interests and idealisms toward research. This lead to the formation of Myriad in 2011.


We took on the name Myriad – ancient Greek Myrios, referring to countless or infinite – to express our spirits and dedication in serving our valuable clients. We, at Myriad, are guided by the following values. Our values describe our company as how we want it to be.  We want our research activities, decisions, and actions to demonstrate these values.  We believe that putting our values into research practices will create long-term benefits for Clients, Employees, Suppliers, and Shareholders we serve.

Myriad has joined ESOMAR since July 1, 2013.


Grow Today, Lead Tomorrow, Exceed in The Future


We enrich our valuable clients with responsible and accountable research results through strict, ethical, and professional research processes at the fair value to our stakeholders.